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This site has been online in various forms since her death. I've lost most of the messages sent by her fans. If you would like to add your message here, please send it to N. Smith.

We can't know why the lily has so brief a time to bloom in the warmth of the sunlight's kiss upon its face, before it folds its fragrance in and bids the world goodnight to rest its beauty in a gentler place ... but we can know that nothing that is loved is ever lost, and no one who has ever touched a heart can really pass away, because some beauty lingers on in each memory of which they've been a part.

December 19, 2008

Since I posted last I have been able to purchase a few more titles by Shawna. The Voyeur and Pussyman 6. She out "sexes" everyone on the screen. I thank you so much for the video clips as that is how I have found out about her titles and what is still available for sale. I am happy to say that Sodomania 9 is now back in stock and I have ordered that on DVD for my collection. I have no real hardcore movies except ones that star Ms. Lynn. In my own way that is how I pay tribute to her life and career. What a great lose and may she RIP forever. An incredible face, body and attitude on screen.


November 3, 2008

Krysti Lynn was a sexy star that will never be forgotton. The similarity to her body was a reason i stared dating my wife. The same big ass with the small breast and the gorgeuos looks.


October 15, 2008

Krysti had the biggest most beautiful ass in porn!!

February 13, 2008

Hi. When I first heard of Krysti's death I was devestated. I found out the hard way why John Stagiano's "Lunatic Primadonna" was not made as he had promos out featuring Krysti as the star. Krysti is my alltime favorite adult movie actress, the greatest tease I have ever seen and the world's greatest ass. She could also act. There are no current adult actresses in her league so I am constantly rewatching her classic scenes and hoping to find more online I may have missed. My 3 alltime favorite xxx features are 1.Buttman, Wet Dream, 2. Buttman's Inferno, 3.Up and Cummers (with Jerry Pike). Krysti the common thread. No other woman comes close to having such a profound effect on me. What a loss.For any younger fans I recommend wathcing anything she did especially when her hair went from blonde to brown. You can tell in her later features she knew the exact effect she had on men and featured it perfectly. To quote Krysti's line from Buttman's Favorite Backdoor Babes: s"This is ass is too big. Do men really like asses this big?" That sequence before she meets Rocco is my alltime favorite talk tease scene. A simple short scene but monstrously teasing. She knew exactly what she was doing. What a godess. Irreplaceable to me.


February 11, 2008


It's a shame that such a gorgeous girl who had a whole lot of things going for her was cut short. I found this sight about 7 yrs ago and for some reason I keep coming back to it every now and than just for reasons I don't know. She was gorgeous, sexy, and did some of the hottest scenes that even today doesn't match what she did in such a short time. She in my book is the best porn star ever. You are missed by everyone. Do you know if any of her songs were published or were you might be able to listen to them. That would be a good thing to be able to put on this sight.


January 13, 2008



December 1, 2007

we need to hear her music. I'm sure she would have wanted people to hear her music...


November 12, 2007

I just ordered Anal Crack Master, Anal Blues, Coven and Anal Hounds and Bitches in honor of Shawna. I also want to note that I own no other hard core product. Long Live Krysti Lynn an incredible sexer on tape.


November 11, 2007


I am from Austria and i am a very great Fan of you!

I found this Address in the Internet and now I hope to get a Signature on a Picture from you, please!

What you going do to now? What is your next Project? Is it possible to meet you some Day??? Please give me an Answer!

Thank you very much


September 23, 2007

Hi There

I like the website I didnt know Kristy Lynn has passed away almost 12 years ago , three weeks ago I see buttman movies w Rocco I say wow this girls is hot , I'm very sad that she passed away, Thanks for the website , Shawna forever gonna live in our hearts

Greetings from Rotterdam , Zuid Holland , The Netherlands

December 22, 2006

Hi there,

thanks for a nice website, a worthy tribute page, no doubt.

I just have one small question. Would it not be possible to make a similiar page dedicated to Savannah? Her life is interesting as well as her films. She still has a large number of fans worldwide, who would love it if more was available on the net. What do you think?


I do have a page for Savannah as well as Cal Jammer. They are old but nothing much has changed.


April 6, 2006

I have never seen this web page of the late Kristi Lynn. I remember vividly when she died as I live in Ventura, Ca. and it was on all local L.A. stations. Amazing ten years have passed already. Very sad to see someone so beautiful, energetic, and talented pass so young. John Stagliano (Buttman) I'm sure suffered more than most from her death.

I just wanted to let you know what a great job you have done here. I have been an adult through 25 years of the adult film industry and maybe a handful of times have I ever seen someone so beautiful with her level of energy and intensirty and such a natural charisma in front of the camera. Stagliano also brought part of that out I believe. I'm very glad her memory lives on through her films.

March 15, 2006

Que pena sua morte. Espero que hoje passado tantos anos a familia ja esteja mais confortada com a sua perda.


March 1, 2006

Sou fã incondicional da Kristy. Foi uma surpresa quando a alguns dias soube de sua morte, imaginava que havia parado de fazer filmes, realmente foi uma enorme perda para o mundo do filme adulto. Jamais teremos alguém que se compare a ela.

Paz, Stefano - Santo André - São Paulo - Brasil

I am unconditional fan of the Kristy. It was a surprise when to some days knew about his death, imagined that there was stopped of do film, really was a huge loss for the world of the adult film. Never we will have someone that compares her.
February 24, 2006

Gostaria de obter mais fotos desta grande atriz do mundo erótico e comprar seus filmes.Por favor se possivel envie-me endereço para adquirir os filmes deste mito aqui em São Paulo.


December 29, 2005


Mi nombre es Francis, y soy admirador de Krysti Lynn, la verdad es que hasta ahora no encuentro una mujer tan sensual como ella, derrocha una sensualidad indescriptible, y su mirada derrite al mas frivolo de los hombres, pues su belleza y desembolvimiento como actriz pornografica, la hacen unica, es lamentable su fallecimiento pero lo bueno es que ella a sus prematuros 24 años dejo material pornografico interesante, hubiera sido bueno que estuviera con nosotros, pero en fin, asi es la vida. Sus peliculas como Fresh Meat, Dog Walker entre otras, derriten en una sensacion de excitacion que hasta ahora no encuentro en otras mujeres del mundo pornografico, tal vez, la unica para mi, la que podria hacercarcele seria ERIKA BELLA, de nacionalidad hungara, que tambien tiene sensualidad, pero definitivamente KRYSTI LYNN es unica. Saludos

Lima Peru

Postadata: Seria bueno renovar el portal con nuevas fotos y si algun admirador tuviera mas material para compartir, seria excelente, espero que alguin de buena voluntad lo pueda hacer, saludos.



My name is Francis, and I am admirer of Krysti Lynn, the truth is that up to now I do not find a woman as sensual as she, wastes an indescribable sensuality, and its look melts al but frivolo of the men, therefore its beauty and desembolvimiento as the actress pornografica, they do it unica, is lamentable its death but the good thing is that she to its premature 24 years material abandonment pornografico interesting, to have been good That was with us, but in short, asi is the life. Its peliculas as Fresh Meat, Dog Walker among others, they melt in a sensacion of excitacion that up to now I do not find in other women of the world pornografico, perhaps, the unica for my, the one that podria hacercarcele serious ERIKA BEAUTIFUL, of nationality hungara, that tambien has sensuality, but finally KRYSTI LYNN is unica. Greetings

File Peru

Postadata: Serious good to renew the entry with new photos and if algun admiring had but material to share, serious excellent, I expect that alguin of good will can do it, greetings.

December 27, 2005

I must say thanks for all bautiful movis she ave give me.

Thanks from Kjell in Sweden

November 21, 2005


This is Joseph Felts from London, England. I wish to add, if I may, my words to your site on Kristi, something I should have done from time back because I felt she was such a hot performer on screen and she was very, very sexy. Kristi was about all you'd want to see in an adult film actress and they were few to match her then, and even fewer now. She had sheer energy, sexuality, and vitality that she made porn feel more erotic and enjoyable. It is hardly the same now, most are enhanced and act wooden, some look as if they don't wish to be there at all. Not Kristi.

I have some favourite scenes of her, from 'Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes' with Rocco Siffredi; in 'Buttman's Wet Dream' with Valentino; and in 'Dog Walker' with John Dough and David Pollman. She looked sassy, bubbly and and full of vigour, and it's quite heartening to understand how she passed away, someone so lovely and incredible.

Thank you for your site, and your time. Thank you, Kristi. RIP.

J Felts, London, England

November 20, 2005

Hola soy de peru no se si podras leer el mensaje en español pero queria decirte que soy fanatico de shawna yager y me gustaria saber un poco mas de ella solo he visto fresh meat y me precio senasacional hoy me vengo aenterar que fallecio hace mas de quince años, la verdad me entristece saberlo ya que pensaba tener peliculas nuevas y tal vez algun dia poder conocerla te manda saludos muy cordialmente.


April 8, 2005

Since Fresh Meat she was the number 1 for me. I feel like a jerk for not knowing about her death, but I live in the asshole of the world. The way she gave herself to the scene and to the partner was unbetable. There are only few stars that can be compared with Krysti, Debbie D., Tiffany Million, etc. Krysti was the kind of a woman that I wold like to have close. After Krysti there is only emptiness and sadness. Million kisses for Krysti from Serbia

April 4, 2005

From a Brazilian fan that it will never forget it…

Ten years without Krysti, ten years without my goddess, without the inspired muse of as many nights. I never did not forget Krys.

Love you Krys…. Forever…

Minduin – Brazilian fan

March 7, 2005

I didn't know Krysti died untill this afternoon. She was a great performer and I thought she was doing something else. Krysti, you will live on in our harts.

Love, Maarten. (Holland)

January 27, 2005

I never saw any of her videos but I have to say you have done "The Most Beautiful Job'" honoring her memory.


October 17, 2004

This site gave me closure to a spirit. A spirit that came off the screen and touched deeply into the good and bad that is in all of us. Your potential lost is a shame. I hope you are at peace as well as your friend who left with you. Thank you for the brief time you gave us.

October 14, 2004

Thought I saw you at the Folsom Street Faire a few years back(your-and my type of scene!!!!!) {Thanks for drawing me in with your sheer eroticism on film} Thanks for turning the world on with your ultra passionite heat.
Love and Lust!

September 26, 2004

Hi, I feel ashamed to say, I've been watching her films, and loving her through my imagination. I always felt she was the most sexiest woman in the world and I never knew that she had passed away.

I can't believe it.........

September 22, 2004

Mr. or Ms. N Smith: may I offer my congratulations to you on the wonderful website, a tribute to the amazing Ms. Krysti Lynn. The website was very well done, as well as informative. It was great to know her bio, which added a humane element. Though, it should not have been a surprise, I was in fact surprised that she was romantically involved with the legendary John Stagliano. I would say, a couple years after her death, upon not seeing any new releases of her I inquired (in the industry) of her doings. I was told that she had run her corvette off the highway in San Diego, in a drunken stupor and died. At that moment, I held out hope that it was not true. When realization set in, there was just a feeling of despair, that the world had lost such an amazingly beautiful women. I was introduced to adult films by Buttman and Ms. Lynn. Some 8 yrs. later their work together is still some of the very best of adult movies. My very first video purchase was Backdoor Babes 2, and Krysti was absolutely amazing in those white shorts. Still echoing in my ears is, “John, do you think I’m too fat to appear in videos any more?” (while she stretches the shorts). John looks at her incredulously, and repeats the question to the viewers. In a show of cinematic excellence, John captures her walking across the living room in all her grandeur and splendor. It is by far my most watched scene. Play, re-wind, play, rewind…………….. For a white women her A$$ was a sight to die for. I’m confident her beautiful A$$ was the envy of ALL women.

And though her death was truly a loss, we should be grateful that this beautiful creature graced us with her presence.

May peace be with you, Kristi Lynn (Shawna)

Graciously yours,

Sean - NYC

August 30, 2004

I'm a fan of Krysti Lynn.

She used to start in Sodomania 9 and Sodomania: Slop Shots 1 (both from Elegant Angel Productions). However, Sodomania: Slop Shots 1 is a collection film and presented later than Sodomania 9. I wonder whether the video clip there is same as the one in Sodomania 9. Would you please answer my question?

Thanks for your attention.

Yours, Qiu

August 19, 2004

If you have any 8x10 glossy pictures of Krysti Lynn I would like to buy some. I met her back in Jan. 97 at the Malibu Bay Lounge in Urbana ,IL. I had my picture taken with her, but Idon thave any 8x10. Let me know where to send the money and my heart goes out to her family. I just found out about it. And I thank you.

August 12, 2004

Sua atuação com Rocco Sifreddi na beira da piscina (Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes) é um épico do erotismo mundial. Jamais esqueceremos Krysti! Marcelo Gomes - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil Translation:
It sweats action with Rocco Sifreddi in the brink from the swimming pool (Buttman' s Big Butt Backdoor you Drool) is an epic one of the erotismo world. Never we will forget Krysti! Marcelo Gomes - rio de janeiro - Brazil

June 30, 2004

Soy admirador de krysti lynn, me podrian informar donde se pueden conseguir sus videos, yo estoy en michoacan, mexico

I am admirer of krysti lynn, myself podrian to report where its videos can be obtained, I am in michoacan, mexico

June 25, 2004

I am so glad i found your site i spent the entire morning reading everything on it 10 years!! 10 years!!!! I had no idea she died, she was an amazing sensual person very giving and the true embodiement of a woman.The animalistic sexiness she exuded was one of a kind and no one has even come close since her death.I am new to the web and finding information about Krysti was one of the first things i wanted to do thanks to your website and hard work i know about other videos and that i am not alone in my admiration of this goddess to mankind. If you have the time and can e-mail me back any other websites about krysti it would be much appreciated. Thank You

June 2, 2004

Hi, This is Erik from Mexico, and I want to tell you that this is a great site and you´re doing a wonderful job with it. Let me know if there is another site like this, or your favorite sites related to krysti Lynn. Thank you very much.

April 2, 2004

mit freundlichen Grüßen
with best regards

Ewald Schüssler

March 24, 2004

This site is the shrine for Kristi. What an exciting woman with an A+ behind. J.Stag's write-up was deep (Assman is loved by all dudes!). She is somewhere. We won't know until we go there.


February 25, 2004

I'm from Norway, and I bought Leslie's Voyeur some time ago. I was stunned by Krysti's beauty, and especially her perfect ass. I searched the internet to get some facts on her, and I got really shocked and sad, when I heard about her death. She's without a doubt, my favourite pornstar, and maybe the hottest woman I have ever seen. Thank you for this great site in her honour.

Best regards from Salsten..

February 9, 2004


Yesterday I went to buy DVD's and chose one: "Fresh Meat", did not look like to me a good movie until there appeared Krysti Lynn, her captivation, her sweet fierceness, her sensuality, her ass, are so fabulous that anyone falls in love with her. Today, I wanted to know about her life and looking in Internet for her biography I give myself with the surprise that she died in 1994, 10 years ago. The really good things and beyond the common as she was, last little.

From my office I spilt a few tears for her. Luck of those who enjoyed being with her.


Lima, Perú

February 2, 2004


I found your site one day in google and browsed to it. Like her other fans, I did not expect to learn that she had passed on. I thought that she must have just moved on to bigger and better things. She was definately my favorite star alongside Vanessa Del Rio. She always had as much class as Vanessa in her movies with her own style thrown in.

The first movie that I saw her in personally was "John Leslies Fresh Meat" a long time ago. I just wanted to send my condolences to the people that knew her best. I know they have been mourning her loss the hardest.

Believe this though. Her memory shall live on through all of her fans. Thank you also for giving us a little insight into the type of person she was on the inside...

Gideon in TN

October 10, 2003

Hello there! This is a great site , a great dedication to Krysti! I was still quite young when she came down here to New Zealand , and did her promotion. She was just gorgeous, and a very sincere person. I would like to know if you , or anyone you might know, have any original 8x10's, promo's or posters of Krysti, that they might want to part with and sell? I'm willing to pay a reasonable price if you did. I wouldn't even consider approaching Evil Angel, or John S, as I would think they would tell me to "get lost". I'm even suprised that John has not put up his own dedication site for Krysti, I'm very suprised indeed! I wasn't very happy with the way she was treated here in NZ, by our promoters. Anyway, I look foward to hearing from you. Please do let me know if you have anything, and please keep the site running! Great work!

Kind regards

October 1, 2003

Absolutely beautiful tribute.

fellow porn sister,

Ashley Taylor

September 9, 2003

please, id like to thank u for this real exciting page dedicated to this unbelieable girl called krysti and i hope you could add more vids from this beauty.


September 5, 2003

estou impressionado como a magnífica Krysti Lynn tinha fãs. Gostaria de saber se há como eu ter acesso a dados pessoais da Krysti na minha coleção?


Portugese to English Translation

I am impressed as to magnificent Krysti Lynn had fans. It would like know there is herself as I have access to given personnels from the Krysti in my collection?

Cr. Brazil/CE

August 18, 2003

I had to add something here as when I stumbled upon the site the first thought I had concurred with that of someone else on this message can you play an over-sentimental piece of rubbish like candle in the wind to pictures of this woman ' in flagrante' so to speak? Then I realised the truth, this must be post-modern irony, it's perfect.
A.H.( Mr.) Hampshire, England.

August 6, 2003

This is a very intriguing site which I visit often. Krysti Lynn is certainly a legend. I was wondering if you have any plans of updating this site. The pictures and clips have not changed since I first visited this site years ago. Also, it would be interesting to hear back from you to learn more about yourself. I am just curious to know what inspired you to create such a nice memorial to a great Porn Star. Thank you.

August 5, 2003

Any loss of human life is tragic, but let's not forget that she was driving twice the speed allowed. I'm sure she was a wonderful person and was great at what she did, but she was also a human being who made a horrible error in judgment which cost her her life and the life of her friend. May Krysti rest in peace, but let the rest of us learn from her lesson.

Matt in CT.

July 11, 2003

You probably don't get enough emails just thanking you for having this site. She remains truly adored.


June 24, 2003

it's so nice to see that 8 1/2 years after her death your site is still up i check back with it avery 4-6 months to see if it's still up, just wondering if u were ever gonna change the pics or videos, even if u don't, keep the site up man it's so hard to get pics or vids of my fav. bubble butt babe. Also if u know of any other sites that i could find pics of our baby girl please let me know. peace man. write me back.

June 21, 2003

Hello, I just stumbled upon Krysti's website. I must say, it was a very emotional deal. I remembered just how entertaining she was. How beautiful she was. How incredible she was. Even after all these years. I just wish she was still here. Please post. ...... Noran

June 21, 2003

Dear Mr Smith.

Iam really worry about you, where are you? What happent with your sevice messages from Krysti.

H.B From Venezuela

June 10, 2003

The web site is perfectly created,but I love that put more video clips in 'KRYSTI LYNN AT THE WORK' Please,send me a date of born Krysti Lynn.

June 9, 2003

it been almost 8 years all I remember one scene in a buttman video and u were trying white shorts on .

April 17, 2003

An Angel,
A fan

February 21, 2003

Their are women in this business that are considered superstars, and than their are those we consider legends. kristy lynn was a legend. Beautiful, arousing, and a fantastic performer. She belongs to the ages and i miss her.


February 14, 2003

I know I'm probably far from the first to have this opinion and I doubt it will make a difference, but as horny as I am I find this site very disturbing. She was a human being, sex was not her entire life and your portrayal of her on this web site makes it seem as though she were nothing but a breathing fuck doll. I did not know her, in fact I hadn't even heard of her until seeing your site,. but I'm sure she would like to be remembered as more than that. The site itself is an excellent idea,&but playing A candle in the windwhile showing a dick in her ass?!?!?! Just show a few sexy photos of her. Leave the hardcore stuff to the regular porn sites. Just an opinion&..


January 27, 2003


January 26, 2003

Krysti had without a doubt the most beautiful, juiciest and sexiest hiney to exist! I wouldn't even need to penetrate her to cum. Just having her over my knee, bare-bottom spanking her would do the trick! WHAT A LOST!!


December 23, 2002

hola soy peruano tengo 24 años y soy el mas ferviente admirador de esta diosa por que eso es lo que es para mi desde que la vi no he podido olvidarla parecera una obsesion pero lo unico que es en realidad es admiracion busco donde sea sus videos pero tengo la mala suerte de encontrar algunos de los que quiero me gustaria que algun dia se me apareciera tan solo para decirle que es hermosa y que es lo mas bello que mis ojos han podido ver, vi un video de buttman era favorite butt backdoor babes creo y de ahi vivo enamorado de ella espero que este leyendo esto desde arriba. No saben cuanto quisiera una respuesta de ella.


hello I am Peruvian I am 24 years old and I am the but fervent admirer of this goddess because that it is what it is for my since I saw it MYSELF have not been able forgetting it to seem an obsesion but it unico that is in reality is admiracion seek where be its videos but I have the bad luck of finding some of the ones that I want me gustaria that algun gave to appear so aloneTo tell him that is beautiful and that is it but beautiful that my eyes have been able to see, I saw a video of buttman was favorite butt backdoor babes create and of ahi alive lover of her I expect that this reading this since up. Do not they know as much as wanted an answer of her.

November 23, 2002


This a great website! I'm sure Kristi would have wanted this.


November 21, 2002

Gostei do seu site, é excelente. A partir dele eu começei a pesquisar sobre a Krysti Lynn e começei a ver os vídeos.Grande atriz. Creio que ela tem muitos fãs no Brasil. Mas é uma pena que não haja muitas fotografias dela disponíveis na internet. De qualquer forma, vez ou outra eu revejo este site, e creio que ela faz falta mesmo.

Um abraço. Pablo, Cuiabá - Mato Grosso.

November 19, 2002

She was my favorite porn actress and I remember going to all video clubs in my area to grab any movie featuring her. She had indeed the best ass and legs and I enjoyed a lot jerking off while watching her movies.


November 6, 2002

Man I just got to see one of her films and thought it was great, but I never knew she was dead. Man I am so sad and I really feel bad about that. She was a woman of beauty and I hope that we can keep her out their for all to see the beauty she had. I have never been so said in my life people :(.


October 11, 2002

I just found out tonight that Krysti past away. All this time I thought she just left the business. She was such a beautiful beautiful women. I missed her then, Now I'm really gonna miss her.


September 7, 2002

Kristi had the best ass in the business. She is missed a lot


June 30, 2002


I am a french woman director called The new queen or pro am and I am as my boyfriend very big fan of Krysti


We are very sad cause she was a huge porngirl

Sabrina RICCI.

Retrouvez-moi sur mon site:

June 24, 2002

Krysti Lynn will always be my favorite pornstar of all time. I always enjoyed adult videos and I always had my favorite pornstars (Jeanna Fine, Tori Welles, Nikki Dial and Tiffany Mynx). But when I first saw Krysti (I think it was in John Leslie´s Fresh Meat) I became absolutely crazy about her!! Those scenes were hot, natural and truly exciting. I never saw that kind of energy again. I will always remember her not only as a wonderful actress but as a wonderful human being.

Kristy, we love you!

Congratulations, Mr. Smith. Your work really keeps Krysti´s memory alive. I´d like to suggest to the other Krysti´s fans worldwide to send you new material about Krysti so you can post it in your site. I believe that updating a website requires time and dedication. I think we all could contribute. Thank you.

Marcelo, Brazil

May 30, 2002

Often wondered what had become of "the most beautiful" woman in the world. Shocked when told to visit this site. A great performer and natural beauty, taken so young. Ride em in heaven girl!!!


May 2, 2002


Just wanted to thank for the Krysti Lynn tribute site. It's really good. I'm a huge fan, and it was great to see another fan put up a tribute site. She really was a beautiful and amazing performer. (Incidentally, which of her films are your favorities?) Anyway, keep up the great work.


May 2, 2002

Kristi linn fue una de las mejores actrices que trabajo con Jhon Stagliano, gracias a los primeros planos de su butt y su increible sensualidad.


April 12, 2002


soy un admirador de krysti lynn, y desaeria ver mas imagenes y video clips de ella.

es una pagina webb, muy buena.


April 9, 2002

Hello Mr. Smith,

I really appreciate your site of Krysti Lynn. I visit it frequently. It would be great to see the "Krysti Images" and "Krysti at Work" sections updated with more pictures and more video clips. I know you would do a fine job with this.


April 2, 2002

N smith,

I did not know until now that Krysti was dead. It is tragic indeed. She was really good. I read her interview you posted on your site and it seemed she had her stuff together. It was true what she said about the drugs. I had a friend who worked for the porn industry and I saw it first hand. It is unfortunate she is not with us anymore but I am glad she did not die of a drug overdose or from some disease. I will continue to enjoy her work. If you have any information about the album she was making let me know. I would like to hear it. That is if it can be purchased at a reasonable price. Once again thank you. You did a great job on the site.


March 31, 2002

There are no flowers only smiles, so here is a rose for Krysti. The girl I never knew and can't forget.


March 30, 2002

I've just found out that this beautiful girl is dead, her videos are still shown regularly on European adult stations. I'm truely shocked and saddened even though it happened over 6 years ago she will live forever in my thoghts. RIP

FP - A fan from the UK

March 23, 2002

Dear Smithee;

Finally! All this shit on the web and someone finally put up a site to the hottest,sexiest woman in the world.I found about her death from the guy who works in my video store. It crushed me. Krysti will always reign.Stagliano was never the same


March 8, 2002

Dear Mr. Smith.

She was the best sexy and beautiful woman actress I never seen before, she was a dream come true rest in peace. I beg your pardon for my bad English

Henry form Venezuela south America

February 26, 2002

I miss u!

February 24, 2002


I am so sorry to learn of Krysti's sudden death. Krysti was such a talented and sexy acrtress, it would be great to see the website updated with more clips and photos of her in action.

Great work on the site,

February 10, 2002

Hey man I was just wondering if you're gonna add any more videos of her?

February 5, 2002

Oh my God I didn't know for all these years gone by. She was great star, great personality and one great body. I feel bad she died. I was a big fan of hers. I wonder what Had happen to her. Truly missed. Marques Wilder

December 7, 2001

MORE PHOTOS???????????????? PLIS
MORE KRYSTI ???????????????? PLIS

October 6, 2000

Congratulations for the Site!!!

Krysti was my love, my way to a world that nobody never imagine.... I Love you Kris...forever!!!

Thank´s for this site..


June 21, 2000

Dear N,

I discovered your Krysti page about a year ago, I don't know how, but it sticks in my mind and every now and then I like to come back to it. I did not know of Krysti before your page. I never saw any movies w/her in it, but yet I am touched by her story. I think it a wonderful and beautiful thing that another human being could see a pornstar for what he or she is, a human being. I find your page a decent and fitting tribute in memory of just such a one, and a redeeming use of the web.

"The human condition requires that we love one another, if there is to be a human condition" - author forgotten


June 19, 2000

Hello! I'm a brazillian fan of Krysti Lynn movies... All I want is some Krysti's stuff, like photos e scenes from her movies... Can you send some of that to me? I am searching the web but I didn't find anything!

Sorry for the poor English!


June 12, 2000

Hi. I am an admirer of the late great Miss Krysti Lynn. I love every thing she has ever done.

December 5, 1999

I just saw your site & it's very touching.I had no idea she had died,&still can't believe it.She was so adorable,beautiful &THE SEXIEST woman in adult entertainment.God bless her.

Thank You

November 11, 1999

Hey. This has got to be the most amazing women I have ever seen. I cant believe I never knew who she was. I need to get my hands on some of her best videos. Got any suggestions? Also do you know where I can get them cheap? If there is a compilation video with her best seens let me know.


September 16, 1999

Congratulations! on the best web page of the BEST porn star ever!


August 16, 1999

Thanks to your website I discovered the most beautiful woman that ever graced this earth : Krysti Lynn. I have bought every available movie she is in. I admire her. She had the sexiest body a man can dream of. I will worship her as long as I live.


June 30, 1999

thanx for the krysti lynn page, she was my favorite star, she was sexy and beautiful!!!!


March 14, 1999

Thank you for maintaining the site for Krysti Lynn. Such an exotic animalistic performer, gone far too soon. I appreciate the great scans you've put up and the nice movieclips.


March 9, 1999

Dear Mr. Smith,

I recently viewed your sight in Memory of Krysti Lynn. I was shocked and heart broken by her sudden death. Although I have seen her movies, her image as a Porn star is not what necessarily attracted me to her, it was the person she was. She had some sort of aura about her that is shown on screen as in her interviews. I was wondering if you have any pictures of Krysti outside of work or personal photos of her, and how you knew her personally? I realize that her Mother obviously does not want her pictures due to Pornography, but sometimes her face is memory enough. I am only a fan of her as a person not necessarily her image at work, but she will be greatly missed.

Sincerely Yours,

March 5, 1999


Your "In Memory of..." site is the site I NEVER get tired of visiting...PLEASE DON'T EVER take it down!!


December 19, 1998

I am like Krysti too, I saw her films and so sad with her death. Congratulations for his home page.

The photos hots are wonderfuls.

Good bye my friend.

Ass João da Silva

November 1, 1998


I'm a brazilian man and i loved Krysti Lynn. She was great!!! I want a sereval scenes about her... because I am the biggest fan in Brazil!!... Of course , if you could send me addresses, sites.. avi's, i will stay very happy.

Krysti Lynn is not dead!!!!!!! She is in my mind and heart!!!! I love HER!!!

Thank you, so much


October 1, 1998

I realy loved her, and i think the he was the best. Thanks.


September 23, 1998

dear N. Smith

having watched a couple of videos in which krysti stared, i decided to find her on the net. I was shocked, amazed, flabergasted, spun out and couldn't believe to find this site about her death. Very wel done by the way Ihave her as my desktop wallpaper My sincere condolences to you and her family, if you could pass that on. I'm sure a lot of people say that, but...... i guess it's been a few years and sure it would not hurt to hear that it is a pitty that she had to pass away so young. I'm from Australia and would not mind an email back if you have the time.....

catch ya later bart (yes that is my real name)

September 19, 1998

I am a fan of Krysti's and I enjoyed your website. Thank you for the tribute to this lovely woman.


September 9, 1998

thanks for putting up a site for the lovely krysti, me and my friends were fans and are sad that she has passed away. wondering though is there any kind of memorial tape made for her by evil angel and did her album ever get released, thanks bill

August 28, 1998

I would like to manifest my surprise in knowing about the shocking death of the muse owner's of a sensuality , and of an butt, unique. I saw her, for the first time, a few time ago in a film of Buttman in that she appears and does, near the pool, one of the most delicious anal scenes that I've already seen in a video (Buttman's Big Butt Backdoor Babes ). After this, I have been seeking films with her, but I only found one in that she appears making sex with other women( I've just forgotten the name). Your HomePage is something, I really loved it. But I'd like to ask you about where to find more material about Krysti, especially a cd-rom with the sequences of her movies that she is in.


August 20, 1998

the memorial of krysti lynn you made and maintain is sentimental,sincere,and thoughtful. It is sometimes hard for people to realize that these women are human beings with personal lives and stories. She definately was one of if not the most beutiful women I've ever seen. I was never sure of what happened to her; I thought she made it out of the industry alive and was doing her own thing. It's a shame she never had the chance to do so. She had alot of life ahead of her, and shouldn't be remembered solely as a porn star but as a young woman with a sometimes hard( and some might say unfair) life which was ended way too soon. She's the only woman in porn I wish I could've had the the chance to meet. Not for sexual purposes but in order to know her. I just have a feeling she was an individual in an industry of clones.

August 6, 1998


I found your Krysti Lynn memorial site, and I wanted to let you know that I am glad that you have memorialized her in such a way. Most of the world would have dismissed her, or even been glad that she died, but it's good to see that some people are compassionate enough to recognize the loss of her life.

I also wanted to let you know that your filmography for Krysti is incomplete. You are missing the two Krysti films that I am most familiar with: THE COVEN and THE COVEN 2.

Thanks again for keeping her memory alive.

Take care.

July 24, 1998

my name is Ramon, i was seeing your page and very good,i'm writting because i'd to know if you have more video files of Krysti and if you could send me someones,if you have. anyway you have a very good page. if some words are bad speeelling if because i dont't speeak veery good english, but i understand.

July 22, 1998

Dear N. Smith:

Saw your touching memorial to Krysti Lynn. Would you like to be considered to appear in a documentary on fans and fan clubs?

I am producing a series intended for cable TV about the world's most passionate people and would like to include adult entertainers and their fans.

If you are selected, you will have an opportunity to share your unique story with viewers around the world.

Please let me know if you would like to complete a preliminary questionnaire.

My previous documentary was featured on a CNN special report and is being distributed internationally by The Cinema Guild.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!

July 17, 1998

Dear N. Smith -

Your tribute is very touching. And well done, too. I had confused her with Dianna Lauren - not that they look alike. If she was a friend of yours - or a relative (or both), I am very sorry. She is a far, far better actress than 99% of the ones I have enjoyed. I wish now, all the more, that I could have met her and made love to her.


July 5, 1998


Please everything orders me something what it will have on it


June 30, 1998

N. Smith,

This site in memory of the gorgeous Krysti is one of the top in all others. Congratulations, and thank you very much in the name of all fans. You bring Krysti more closer to us.

Fagner de Souza, from São Paulo, Brazil.

May 5, 1998

N. Smith,

First of all, I would like to say "GOD BLESS YOU!!!" You are the first person I've found who has pictures of my favorite porn star of all time. You just don't know how long I've been looking for pictures like yours. I NEED MORE KRYSTI!!! When and where will you, or anyone else, have more!


May 5, 1998

Hi there, your tribute to Krysti Lynn is great. I can't believe it, I only found out that she was dead when I surfed the net last night. I've lived in Spain for the past nine years and when I came back to the States 3 months ago, I started asking people if they knew of her, no one did. I also noticed that she was never seen or mentioned on the Playboy Channel. I always thought it was strange. I'm SOOO bummed out man. Personally for me, she was the BEST. Yeah people can say a lot about Savanahh(who was also good, r.i.p.) and other famous girls, but Krysti was IT. I mean it's hard to describe by words how amazing she was. She was the best lover I've EVER seen in action, I've never even BEEN with anyone like her. The first time I saw her in The Voyeur and then Dog Walker, I was so blown away. She was a MACHINE. I mean, I've seen porno films, but seeing her was the first time I was ever going crazy because I couldn't be in there with her. She was so hot. She was beautiful, What an ASS. What a face! Other women can have all the tits they want but they'll NEVER come close to Krysti. Beautiful skin too. She was just savage. I'm so bummed, when I first saw her, I just thought, "I HAVE TO MEET THIS WOMWN BEFORE I DIE". If you could cast in a mold what the perfect female lover should be...Krysti Lynn. I still can't believe this.




January 29, 1998

Mr Smith what happened to the pictures and video images of Krysti Lynn on your web page. I was a big fan of Krysti and really appreciated your web sit dedicated to her.


December 31, 1997

After a lot of searching, I finally found a website that gives Krysti what she deserves. Thank you. Sadly, however, I could not access the "Images Of Krysti," "It's Too Big" or "Krysti at Work." Tell me how I can see these pictures. I must see them! Thank you for your help.


December 24, 1997

Fantastic of you to establish/maintain this site...tepid fan of adult but MAJOR fan of Krysti's (as an adult actress and a person both) and have always hoped someone would take the time...had trouble with 404's in trying to access 'images' and linked files...thought you should know.

thanks again

December 17, 1997

Man, Thanks for a great page on Krysti..She was my fave of all time, Slightly ahead of Vanessa Del Rio, and Nina Hartley, both of whom were my favorites in the past for many, many years.. and you did a great job in creating a Beautiful tribute to her..Thanks again!


December 11, 1997


Love Your site !

Do You have plans to put list of mags that features Krysti on Your site. New Private #144 ( the swedish sex mag ) has one good pictorial of her.



December 1, 1997

great web site!! i loved Krysti Lynn...I think she was THE hottest chick in the industry... I'm sorry to see her go.... Please continue to add more treats to this page as you come across them... thanks


November 28, 1997

I was just surfing and came across your site in deication to Krysti Lynn. I had no idea she had past away. I love watching here movies. Thank you for this site. Now I know that I will not be able to watch her movies and (for like of better words) jack my dick.

Now all we have is Nina Heartley


October 12, 1997

I can't believe that krysti lynn died. I didn't know. Living in ny they dont keep up on those things.

October 7, 1997

Wow man what a great page. I loved every moment of it. Very nice and tastefull tribute to a great erotic artisan. I have seen quiet a few of her movie and I can appreciate her fine work. I was truely sadden by the news of her death.

The web page is really nice. Some of the pictures look as if they have been blurred or edited. Some of the pictures also have little dots in them. I don't know if this intentional or not just thought I'ld bring it to your attention. If you have any other picture of Krysti doing what she does best then let me know so we can set up a FTP session thanks.


October 5, 1997

Just wanted so say---very nice job on this site --real classy.

June 24, 1997


i' m from Argentina and i am a fan of krysti lynn. Congratulations for your site's creation . The notice of krysti's death shock me and gave me a lot of pain.Please, if you have more pics and avi's motion, send me .Thanks and good bye.


June 13, 1997


I did not reach your page to Krysti expecting such saddening news. I too, will miss Krysti. Send my sentiments to all her friends and family. She was my favorite star. She might not have been the most beautiful, but one who did the most beautiful work. I will miss her style, sincerity, and love.

I am going to start collecting all her movies and would like to know if she performed under any other names?

I would also like to know if her family will receive any royalty from video or movie sales ( I might buy instead of renting ).

Thank you for maintaining a page in her memory.


December 31, 1996

I am a big fan of Krysti...thanks

June 25, 1996

I was wondering if anybody ever knew why Krysti was driving so fast?

    >Shawna Yager, 24, of Malibu, who made more than 50 sex films under the
    >name Krysti Lynn, was killed Sunday night when the car she was driving
    >skidded off Las Virgenes Road while speeding at about 100 mph, Deputy
    >Hugh Wahler said.